What is managed document services and why do businesses use it?


Managed document services, it’s a type of ITIL based software solution mainly computer based systems used by many companies for tracking, creating, managing and storing electronic documents. This application adds a layer of protection and control around any document by providing storage, workflow, and security. It is used for the variety of internal documents such as knowledge articles, policies and procedures. As it is integrated with instance Managed Documents offers a seamless alternative to the other systems. Managed document services help various providers and health care organisations to meet the federal regulations for converting their paper medical records into the electronic form. This cut down their costs and workload with the improved customer satisfaction. Most of the Managed Document services offer an improved workflow as well as improvement in the EHR security and the risk management. It can provide us with useful educational guidance and implementation of EHR conversion. Therefore a large health care institutions hire the IT professionals to deal with the Managed Document services.

Document managed services mostly and commonly provides metadata, security,storage, as well as retrieval and indexing capabilities. Metadata is stored for each of the document. It includes data of user storing it and the date of the document stored. DMS automatically extracts the data of the document or ask the user to add the same. It stores the electronic documents and often includes the management of those same documents. The security of the document is vital in many of the document managing applications. It provides with the high-security settings. The workflow is one of the most complex processes and some of the Managed document services have built-in workflow modules. There are various types of the workflow and its usage depends on the type of environment and electronically managed document system used. It has various features which include check in/check out feature, tracking, high-security setting, Digital signature for approval, and categorization.